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Organise your event

ISEECap International Symposium – May 2019

« The 2019 ISEECap International Symposium celebrated its 10thanniversary at La Cité Nantes Congress Centre in May 2019. With over 180 participants, the Nantes symposium saw its largest attendance ever. The delegates unanimously praised the way they were welcomed in Nantes. They very much enjoyed the city and accommodation as well as the venue, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre. The attendees were truly impressed by the meeting rooms and    facilities, and found the staff extremely professional.

The organisers point out that the quality of La Cité’s support was key to the great success of the symposium, as shown in the many thank you emails from the delegates after the event. Having a room dedicated to the organisers throughout the symposium proved invaluable to sort out all the random issues that are bound to happen.

Also, La Cité’s suggestions were highly appreciated, especially as regards the choice and quality of the side events: cocktails, gala dinner, etc. The city of Nantes, with its tourism attractiveness and cultural heritage, was on centre stage the whole week, for the delight of the delegates.”

Vice-Dean in Charge of Innovation at the University of Nantes
Polytech Nantes / Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel