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Over the years, we have established partnerships with both the Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire whose 2016-2017 season is dedicated to virtuosity and the Folle Journée de Nantes which will explore the theme "Dance - the Rhythm of the People" and will once again delight the audience.
  • Folle Journée

    The Nantes Folle Journée, a high calibre festival dedicated to classical music based on an original creation by René Martin, is an event supported by the City of Nantes, designed by CREA and produced by SAEM LA FOLLE JOURNEE.

    The 23rd Folle Journée will celebrate “Dance – the Rhythm of the People” as a source of inspiration and influence of classical musical. This primitive form of artistic expression was born of the popular genius. It had a very early influence on art music: from the Middle-Age, dance was brought to the royal courts and led to the birth of the orchestra. Ever since, music has been composed in reference to dance with rhythms adapted to instruments, resulting in a more complex instrumental style. Dance music appeared with the French courante, gigue and sarabande composed by Bach or Rameau and evolved later on during the classical and romantic music eras, with Schubert’s landler or Chopin’s waltz.
  • ONPL

    ONPL (Orchestre national des Pays de la Loire), is a symphony orchestra based in the Pays de la Loire region, in both Angers and Nantes.

    Created after the merger of the Opéra de Nantes orchestra and the orchestra of the Société des Concerts Populaires d’Angers, it became the Orchestre Philarmonique des Pays de la Loire before being named Orchestre National des Pays de la Loire.
  • Tissé Métisse

    Founded 24 years ago, Tissé Métisse conveys values such as solidarity, living together better and non-discrimination.
    Built around specific themes (discrimination in internships, women's empowerment in the city, youth actions, social and militant issues...) and a culturally mixed and engaged line-up, Tissé Métisse brings together around hundred collective teams: associations, management bodies, socio-cultural centres and several hundred volunteers...
    The ticket to Tissé Métisse is a “pass” which grants you access to 18 shows plus activities for children and their parents, spaces dedicated to associations, discussions and catering facilities for friendly moments!
  • La Nuit du Jazz

    The 17th festival « La Nuit du Jazz » gives a prominent place to vocal artists with: Côté Ouest Big Band, Cab Calloway Jr, Myra Maud, Georgina Jackson, Family One.