Olivier LE FLOCH, Business Development Manager


Published on 13 January 2017

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Olivier LE FLOCH,
Business Development Manager

What do you like about your job ?
The fact that there are no recurring activities, every project is different. Selling a great destination to attract events is an ongoing challenge. We compete to win contracts.

How long have you been doing this job ?
I have been in this job for 6 years, but I have worked at La Cité for 11 years.

What are you passionate about ?
I’ve been doing this job for 6 years, but I started with La Cité 11 years ago.

Tell us about your best experience at La Cité and what you remember most.
After I started working at La Cité, I dealt with the Juste pour Rire (Just for Laughs) partnerships, and happened to meet lots of artists and business leaders.
In my current job, the most significant moments are project-winning bid presentations. I remember especially the first international conference I won.

The best compliment that clients gave you ?
When they see us as a partner and want to come back.