Published on 3 December 2021

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With a strong commitment to Quality and CSR that started 16 years ago, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre has placed sustainability, health and wellness at the heart of its strategy for both its clients and visitors.

These core values are embedded in the DNA of La Cité’s team members, known for their highly personalized approach and professionalism. As a result of this strong engagement, La Cité obtained the “Healthy Venue” accreditation in early July 2021.

After the ISO 20121 certification (a standard for sustainable event management), la Cité Nantes Congress Centre went a step further in its commitment to sustainability by choosing to deliver health and wellness benefits to both delegates and employees.  La Cité is the only convention centre in France to have received the “Healthy Venue” award created by the World Obesity Federation.

It is proven that breaking out of sedentary patterns and providing healthy food options during corporate events improve concentration as well as productivity and leave delegates with a positive memory of the meeting.

More than ever, the teams at La Cité Nantes Congress Centre are eager to work with visitors and delegates to offer healthy options and a greater attendee experience.

The team members do everything they can to make sure that their clients have a healthy and enjoyable experience throughout the event.

In order to obtain the accreditation, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre had to meet a number of criteria that demonstrate the event organiser’s commitment:

  • Provide healthy and responsible catering practices

This is made possible with our “Healthy” coffee break and the menu choices proposed by our listed caterers (wholemeal bread as well as reduced amounts of salt, sugar and saturated fat in food)

  • Promote physical activity

Easy with the running and walking tours available all around La Cité

  • Encourage walking

Possible given the central location of La Cité in the city

  • Give the priority to stand-up meetings when possible

Easy with our modular and multi-purpose space arrangement

Denis Caille, General Manager of La Cité Nantes Congress Centre declares: « I am proud of our “Healthy Venue” award which reflects the mindset and hospitality focus of the teams, making La Cité a unique place that combines health and wellness. I am looking forward to offering our clients healthier options and delivering greater event experiences in Nantes ».

The Healthy Venue award was developed by the World Obesity Federation to support delegates by minimising the negative health impacts of conferences and events. The Healthy Venues focus on a range of criteria that promote healthy eating and physical activity all along the event.

A clear sign of quality, La Cité Nantes Congress Centre boasts:

  • the Healthy Venue Bronze award
  • the ISO 20121 & ISO 9001 certifications
  • the Quality & Sustainability Charter of France Congress
  • the AIPC « Gold » Quality Standard. It is the only French convention centre, among 30 across the world, to have the highest level of achievement in terms of process and customer services
  • last but not least, the Bureau Veritas label, as an assessment of the preventive measures associated with hygiene controls.

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