Healthy Venue and Sustainability

Make your event eco-responsible

Planning to stage an event that is environmentally friendly and incorporates wellness ? La Cité Nantes Congress Centre helps you organise a one-of-a-kind eco-responsible event. Find out how you can organise an eco-responsible event with La Cité Nantes Congress Centre. You will create a memorable experience that will vow your delegates whilst showcasing your commitment to the planet.

6 involvements in favour of an eco-responsible event at La Cité

Local eco-friendly contractors

  • Reduction of carbon footprint for delivery services
  • Eco-designed stands
  • Local flower arrangements
  • Recyclable carpet
  • Catering, eco-responsible communication...

Waste selection

  • Is Part of cleaning services
  • Selective sorting for heavy and bulk waste (organisers, exhibitors)
  • Raising awareness and encouraging "Zero waste"
    Recovery of unavoided waste

Eco-friendly furniture and settings

  • Recommend carpet-free
  • Signage printed with environmentally friendly ink, recyclable materials
  • LED spotlights
  • Reusable installations...


  • Coffee breaks with local organic products or from fair trade products
  • Porcelain tableware
  • Limited food waste
  • Food redistribution system to associations

CLEO, the event performance calculator

  • Developed by UNIMEV (the French Meeting Industry Council), the calculator provides an estimation of the impact of events

Link to calculator

Customised assistance

  • With the support of specialised and committed partners, we can provide full assistance to help you stage an eco-friendly event.

4 involvements for a healthy event at La Cité

It is proven that breaking out of sedentary patterns and providing healthy food options during corporate events improve concentration as well as productivity and leave delegates with a positive memory of the meeting.

With the « Healthy Venue Bronze” status, La Cité demonstrates its commitment to providing your delegates with healthy options throughout your event.

Provide healthy eating practices

  • This is made possible with our “Healthy” coffee break and the menu choices proposed by our listed caterers (wholemeal bread as well as reduced amounts of salt, sugar and saturated fat in food)


Promote physical activity

  • Easy with the running and walking tours available all around La Cité
  • To go further, download the Runnin’city  app. A different way to explore the city while running, with the help of an audio guide.

Encourage walking

  • Easy with our modular and multi-purpose space arrangement

Give the priority to stand-up meetings when possible

  • Easy with our modular and multi-purpose space arrangement