Nantes convention bureau

Nantes Convention Bureau:

  • Examines your specific needs and puts you in touch with various companies and contractors in the region
  • Provides you with communication tools about Nantes (visuals / texts, etc) to help you, alongside the teams at La Cité Nantes Congress Centre, prepare your application and create the various materials for your event (congress, symposium, corporate convention, conferences…)
  • Monitors the quality of the services provided by the local contractors.

To go further

La Cité works jointly with Nantes Convention Bureau to provide you with :

  • An overall view of the destination to help you choose your venues (gala dinner, cultural programme, …)
  • Site inspections to confirm your decision
  • Suggestions for pre- and post-tours for delegates and accompanying persons
  • Resources (tourist documents, photos, videos, press documents)
  • Support in drafting your application and its presentation