FIAPAC Conference – september 2018

“My special thanks for your very professional support in the preparation of the FIAPAC Congress taking place in La Cité Nantes Event Center on 14- 15 September 2018.It was a real pleasure to work with you in the most client friendly and correct way!

Could you also give my thanks to the technicians and people who took care of the IT please? They were very committed to their job. The speakers were well assisted and the projection went smoothly.

It was also very nice to work together with Maria who was a real support during the Congress. Send her also my greetings and big thanks. She guided so well the group of friendly hostesses, who were all very good in the different jobs they have executed.

The coffee breaks were nicely presented and the participants were happy with the specialities of Nantes. Thanks to the catering staff, who did efforts to take utmost care of this important aspect of the Congress.

The security people did their job with dedication.  I also think about the cleaning staff who are mostly working behind the scenes.

They deserves both our thanks for their valuable contributions.

The Congress was successful and this thanks to the efforts of all parties involved.

I hope to meet you again for organizing another congress in your nice conference venue.”

Ria Maes

Orga-Med Congress Office