13th International Colloquium on Paratuberculosis – Juin 2016

The international conference, held every two years, brings together around 250 scientists from all over the world. This year, for example, our third delegation came from Australia. This is a highly significant event for our research group at INRA and for Oniris and this year’s event will no doubt leave our colleagues with a lasting memory. Thanks to the first-class facilities of La Cité and its team’s full support, we can proudly say that the conference was a huge success. The delegates made the most of the programme and its scientific content. But they also liked being in the city centre, and enjoyed the restaurants, hotels and Nantes’ main tourist attractions. Everything was made easy and went smoothly. The conference showed that in France we know how to stage events that are very professional and at the same time relaxed and friendly.

The closing ceremony with the gala dinner at the Château was fabulous.

Many thanks to La Cité for their assistance and engagement. Everything fell into place beautifully, from the preparation stage to the last minute adjustments with all the delegates.

Thanks from Christine Fourichon, Organising Committee, ONIRIS Researcher.